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By Caitlin Pierce


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Dear Friends,

Abuse of land rights has been one of the central injustices in Myanmar over the last half-century. We now have a chance to change that.  

Across seven states and divisions, thirty community paralegals, supported by Namati and the Pyay-based Civil and Political Rights Campaign Group, are working with thousands of farmers to protect their land rights. See their struggles up close in this photo essay in the Guardian, and in this in-depth story.

View Photo Essay
Our paralegals track data on every case they handle, so we can identify opportunities for improving the system as a whole.

We are using that data to advocate that Myanmar’s new land policy should respect the rights of women as well as those whose land has been grabbed in the past. Please help us spread the word by sharing these images – available in English here and here, or in Burmese here and here.

If you work in land rights, or are from Myanmar, please send these messages directly to the government. Public participation in the consultation process is essential.

Provide Input into Myanmar’s Land Policy

Read our technical submission on the draft land policy, available in English and Burmese.

Through the Global Legal Empowerment Network, you can connect directly with people working for justice in Myanmar and around the world. Learn more about the community paralegals that form the heart of our network in a short English or Burmese overview.

In solidarity,

Laura, Vivek and the whole Myanmar Program and Namati team

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